The House Photographer creating beautiful photos for homeowners

The House Photographer is an independent company that supplies a photography service to not just estate agents but also homeowners who wish to market their property for either sale or rent.

With many years experience and having worked with some of the largest property companies in the UK we bring more to the table than just photography.

To us, photographing a home is a passion and as we are representing probably your biggest asset we treat it with respect.

On numerous occasions customers who are selling their property and did not feel that their estate agent did a good job with their photographs have commissioned us.

Some of the common complaints were:

  • The photographer was just an estate agent with a camera
  • The photographer rushed and they didn’t feel he took enough care
  • The photographer didn’t have the correct / professional equipment
  • The pictures look cold, dark and uninspiring
  • They only took a handful of photos and missed the good features
  • The pictures were crooked or blurred
  • They just took the pictures without prompting me to stage any rooms
  • The pictures looked stretched and unrealistic
  • The rooms looked smaller than they actually are in reality

If you have any of these issues or are looking to sell / rent your home and you want your photos taken with care and respect then you need to be talking to The House Photographer!

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Understanding Photography for Homeowners

We understand that our residential customers seldom have their homes professionally shot so we have produced a useful guide, which is in a form of a PDF, to explain how to get the best out of your shoot on the day. We recommend that you take a good look through this guide as it is jammed full of great information and will probably answer a lot of the questions that you may have.

The key to a great shoot is preparation; the more you prepare your home the better your photos will look. Obviously a freshly painted or newly decorated home will certainly produce the greatest effect but in most cases may not be required. Below we have detailed just a few points that are often missed by estate agents when shooting a property, for the best results please refer to our Guide PDF.

We recommend the cutting of your lawn, cleaning your windows and generally clearing away clutter in your garden as a must. If you own a jet washer, power cleaning a drive is also a good idea, as we would like to create as much kerb appeal as possible. Hiding away the bins would also improve the look of your house and garden.

Make sure your home is clean and tidy! Hide washing baskets and clothes; all clothing should be in a wardrobe or in drawers.
Check all of the light bulbs to see if they are working; if any are not working please replace them.
Reduce clutter on the kitchen worktops; ideally all we would like to see is a kettle, toaster and a microwave.
In the bathroom remove excessive amounts of bath and shower products, including shampoos.

The pre-shoot walk through

Before we take a single shot inside your home, it is standard procedure at The House Photographer to complete a pre-shoot walk through. A pre-shoot walk through is not common practice in the industry but in our opinion is essential; it involves walking through your home identifying the best angles for shooting and identifying features, which could benefit your home sale. This is also a good time to discuss the shoot to ensure that you will be totally satisfied with the angles and positions of the camera. With an agreed plan in place we can then sort out a logical order to shoot each room as in many homes we often find there are objects or boxes that need to be moved.

Lighting your home for perfect photography

The House Photographer - Property Photography - Gear

Getting the lighting right is crucial to any shoot but more so when photographing a home. Estate agents tend to take pictures using just a basic digital camera, some will have a good DSLR but only a small percentage of them will have the necessary training or experience to use it properly.
The cameras are normally set to automatic and fixed to the top is a flash unit. Not all estate agents will carry or use a tripod and if they do it is normally just a cheap one and it is employed only to rest a camera on.
When shooting the interior of your home most of the rooms will have the doors closed, as it is easier to control the light in just one room.
Unfortunately, this is what you can expect these days from an estate agent.

At The House Photographer we want you to get the most out of your shoot, to enable us to do this each photographer is required to bring with them a professional grade tripod, a bubble level, several flash units with a controller and obviously a professional camera.

When taking photos all of our photographers set their cameras to a manual setting, this way we can fully unlock the potential of the camera.
In order to let more light into the camera we will often use a slow shutter speed, to prevent a blurred image that could be caused by the slightest movement we use a sturdy professional grade tripod. By keeping the same height set on the tripod throughout the shoot it allows us continuity in all the rooms.

When setting up a shot in a room we will always level the camera depending on the type of floor the tripod is sitting on by using a bubble level. A bubble level is a very cheap piece of equipment but an important one, as when using a wide-angle lens if the camera is not level the result is obvious as vertical lines will not be straight.

Once the camera is level our photographer will take several test shots to zero in the correct settings and then will enhance the picture by using a flash unit. Unlike the majority of estate agent photographers, who just carry one flash, we carry a minimum of 4 flash units, one of which will be hand held by the camera while the other 3 sit on light stands that can be placed in other adjoining rooms.

The purpose of the multi flash approach allows us to balance the light levels in other rooms and enable the doors to be open during the shoot.
With the doors open potential buyers can get a better understanding of how the rooms are connected to each other and visually unlock the space in your home.

Using a controller, which is connected to the camera allows the photographer to individually adjust each light until the desired level is achieved.
Although we get this 85% right in the camera we still need to use Photoshop during post-production editing to make your pictures perfect.

At The House Photographer we appreciate how important good photos are and that is why we go to these lengths to ensure they are right, not many (if any) photographers or estate agents go to these lengths on a daily basis for their customers.

For more information or to book an appointment please call us or feel free to use the contact us button below to send us a message.